Oakheart Rum & Cola 250 ml

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Oakheart 250 ml is a much loved and popular mixed drink. The combination of rum and cola makes it an ideal drink for festive occasions or warm summer evenings.

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Oakheart Rum & Coke

Oakheart & Cola consists of a mix of Oakheart rum and a mix of Cola. This Oakheart rum has a strong character and in combination with a cola this provides an intense and fine taste experience. It's not for nothing that Oakheart is one of the best-selling mixed drinks of the moment!

  • 7% alcohol percentage
  • Ideal for occasions such as parties or warm summer evenings
  • Easy to serve and drink on any occasion


This rum has an authentic and full taste. The rum got this taste through a select maturation in roasted oak barrels. In addition, Oakheart contains notes of honey, cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup. In combination with the cola, this creates a delicious taste sensation.

Nutritional value and additional information

Oakheart is best enjoyed cool from a can or from a glass. Make sure the can is chilled enough to have the best experience. Would you like some refreshment? Then add a few ice cubes to your glass and enjoy to the fullest.

- 55 Kcal (per 100ml)


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