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Novi Gun Torch

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Product Details


Novi Gun Torch

This Torch lighter is among one of the best on the market! It does not matter what you need to light, this storm lighter will get the job done! Due to its design, it is nearly impossible to burn your fingers when you are lighting a candle. We all know the pain of using a normal lighter to try and light a candle and burning the tip of your finger. Due to its long neck and strategically placed trigger, your hands will be safe from being set ablaze!


Our Novi Gun Torch is super easy to use: First of all, start off by removing the safety from the torch. This is necessary to be able to turn on the storm lighter. The next step is choosing how big the flame needs to be. We strongly recommend not keeping your flame on maximum power every time you use your Novi Gun Torch, this will not be good for the longevity of your storm lighter. To use the Novi Gun Torch you simply push down on the trigger. When you are done it is recommended to always put the safety back on.

Ordering a Novi Gun Torch at Funcaps

At Funcaps we have a company-wide philosophy that is used for all of our products: quality over quantity. We guarantee the quality, whether it is one of our high-quality research chemicals or the Novi Gun Torch! All orders will be send and packaged discretely, as to make sure that no one knows what is in your package.

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