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Natural sleeping bandages 28 days


A better night's rest without added addictive chemical substances or hormones! Inspired by nature, made for you.

Our bandaids contain a blend of 100% natural ingredients. The approved glue is non-invasive, which means it will not enter your body when the bandaid is stuck on your body!

A perfect blend of natural ingredients to help you sleep.





Magnesium citrate




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Natural sleeping bandages 28 days

Don't let yourself be trapped in poor sleep and exhausted days any longer. Do you often have trouble sleeping through the night, leaving you feeling unrefreshed in the morning and starting the day tired? You may fall asleep in bed, but wake up several times during the night and have difficulty getting back to sleep. You look at the clock and see that there are only a few hours of sleep left. How do you get through the next day with so little sleep? You probably recognize that after a poor night's sleep, you feel irritable and tired throughout the day.

Our sleep patches help promote optimal sleep. The ingredients go directly into your bloodstream, making them up to 5 times more effective than sleeping pills.

Inspired by nature

Our unique sleep patch contains 100% natural ingredients and is designed to safely and effectively provide the restful sleep that you deserve. Take control of your sleep by simply applying a patch. All you have to do is stick the sleep patch on, and you'll sleep deeper and better throughout the whole night. Simple, easy & effective! A better night's sleep without chemical addictive substances or hormones!

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