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Poppers Large

Manscent Original Retro 25m


An aroma for gourmets

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Lockerroom Poppers Manscent Original Retro

Get in the mood right away with this delicious aroma. Can you smell the hormones? Do you feel muscles? The drops of sweat trickling down from his back, the warmth of his skin on your skin?

These Manscent poppers will make your adventure even hotter. A sniff is more than enough for a minute-long rush where you will find yourself in another dimension for a while. Everything relaxes and cumming becomes even more intense.

The Lockerroom poppers all have the same fantastic scent that we all know and love. Sex with no end in sight, who doesn't love it?

Caution: The use of poppers in combination with erection drugs such as Viagra can be dangerous.

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