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Indian Spirit – Salvia Extract 10X - 1g

Salvia Extract 10x 1g from Indian Spirit
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Salvia Extract Indian Spirit info

If you feel like a trip, then you've come to the right place at Salvia Extract. Salvia is used in shamanic rituals to get in touch with the otherworldly and also used as a recreational drug. When used, you experience a short but intense hallucinatory trip!

Effects Salvia Extract

  • Level 1 Stoned
  • Level 2 Thinking differently.
  • Level 3 LSD: You will start to see vivid hallucinations, such as geometric figures when you close your eyes and moving patterns on the wallpaper.
  • Level 4 Flying
  • Level 5 Identity loss
  • Level 5 Identity loss
  • Level 6 Amnesia

Instructions for use Salvia Extract

Salvia can be used in two ways: by smoking the herbs or by taking it orally.

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More Information
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