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iMicrodose – Microdosing Kit (15g)

Truffles for microdosing. 15 grams of truffles, for responsible use. Prices are per kit.
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Product Details


iMicrodose - Microdosing Kit Information

iMicrodose has developed a kit, a non-synthetic premium truffle microdosing kit to encourage responsible use. This implies that it is used in much smaller dose, compared to recreational dose. The truffles are sold in their natural, raw and unprocessed form and must be refrigerated before use.

Instructions for use iMicrodose microdosing kit

Please note: each individual reacts differently to the truffles. The guidelines for truffles are between 0.2 grams and 1 gram. With iMicrodose, you can fine-tune usage to find out what benefits you. So start with a small dose.

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