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Poppers Large

Hulk Extra Strong 24ml


Effects Hulk Extra Strong 24ml

  • Awakens the most hidden senses
  • Frees the sexual impulses
  • Stimulates the desire
  • Remove inhibitions

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Product Details


Hulk extra strong poppers information

Are you a fan of poppers? Then try the Hulk Extra Strong poppers for a unique experience. Poppers increase libido, give you a short-term blissful feeling and offer relaxation.

Hulk extra strong effects

  • Strengthening the sense of lust (sexual)
  • Muscle relaxant / relaxing
  • Uplifted / stimulating feeling

Undesirable effects of Hulk Extra Strong and or poppers in general

  • Headache
  • Fatigue and nausea
  • Difficulty seeing clearly

User manual Hulk extra Strong

Poppers you sniff. When you inhale the vapor through your nose, it immediately starts working. 1 sniff is enough for 1-2 minutes.

Don't swallow the poppers! And do NOT use the Rush Original poppers in combination with kamagra / viagra and other erection agents.

Hazard Statements Hulk Extra Strong poppers

PAY ATTENTION!! : Do not swallow this product

PAY ATTENTION!! : do not use in combination with Kamagra / Viagra and other erection agents.

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