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Guarana (powder) 50gr - Indian Spirit

Guarana powder 50 grams from Indian Spirit.


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Guarana powder background information

Guarana comes from the tropical rainforests of Brazil. Did you know that Guarana contains four times more caffeine than coffee? And it is absorbed into the body more evenly and better than regular caffeine! What a miracle cure for the caffeine junkies among us. In addition to caffeine, Guarana also contains guaranine, theobromine and theophylline.

Effects Guarana powder

  • lively
  • Less need to sleep/li>

Instructions for use Guarana powder

Guarana can be dissolved as a powder in water, coffee, tea or warm milk. The guarana can also be prepared in the same way as coffee and the residue can be used several times.

More Information

More Information
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