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Fistit Jar - 500ml

500ml jar, lubricant for fisting.


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Fistit Jar - 500 ML information

Are you an avid fan of fisting? Then try using a special lubrication for fisting, like the Fistit Jar - 500 ML! This lubrication is water-based and offers much-needed comfort during the wildest bedroom sessions! This big jar is perfect for people who enjoy fisting on a regular basis. Afraid 500 ML isn't enough? Then take a look at the 1000 ML jar here! Furthermore, it is easy to apply on the fist and on the anus, even in the midst of battle. Fist it is safe to use in combination with latex condoms and all kinds of sex toys. The fisting lubrication has been dermatologically tested and is fat-free. It also has no color, taste, or scent!

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