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Erotic Game - Bigger or Smaller Game

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Fancy an exciting evening? Play this game!
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Erotic Game - Bigger or Smaller Game

Very funny game where you have to guess: bigger or smaller?

Bring every party with friends to a literal climax with this hilariously erotic card game! The Bigger Or Smaller Game is suitable for 18+ and fun for anyone who likes a spicy challenge. The cards are large and made of a sturdy quality. How does it work?

The game begins with the dealer turning over a card to the player to his right. This player must then guess whether the penis on the next card will be bigger or smaller. If the player is wrong, he/she drinks a shot or potion. Instead of having someone drink a drink, you can also add a "truth or dare" question or have someone take off a piece of clothing. Let your imagination run wild and have a fun evening! The rules of this game are in English.

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