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Dance-E Happy Caps - 4 caps

Prices are per pack of 4 capsules. The contents are 4 Dance-E Happy caps, a formula specially created to dance into the late hours!
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Product Details


Dance-E Happy caps information

Feel euphoric like never before with Dance-E. The caps contain a unique mix of natural energizers and bring you into a long-lasting ecstasy.

Do you still want to be the king or queen of the dance floor until the wee hours? Dance-E provides a boost so you can dance long nights!

Dance-E Happy caps effect

The possible effects of Dance-E Happy caps are:

  • Energy increasing
  • Euphoric feeling

Ingredients Dance-E Happy caps

Creatine 395mg, Ashwagandha 200mg, Panax Ginseng Extract 200mg, Ginkgo Biloba 70mg, Centella Asiatica 67mg, Choline 53mg, Vitamin C 37mg, Grapeseed Extract 35mg, Guarana (30% caffeine) 35mg, Rhodiola rosea 35mg, Turmeric 35mg, Bacopa monnieri 33mg, Piper nigrum Extract 2mg, Vitamin B6 0.47mg.

Dance-E Happy caps user manual

Take 1 to 2 capsules, about 45 minutes before the desired effect. Do not exceed the maximum dose of 2 capsules per 24 hours.

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More Information
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