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Chill Mix Mushrooms Extract Capsules 60 caps


These Chill mix mushroom extract capsules 60 caps, contain everything you need to relax for a while

Lion's mane extract
Reishi extract
Acerola extract
Vegetable cellulose capsules

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Product Details


Chill Mix Mushrooms Extract Capsules 60 caps

The Chill Mix Mushrooms Extract Capsules 60 caps are dietary supplements that consist of a unique mix of mushrooms, namely the Reishi mushroom and the Lion's Mane mushroom. These extract capsules can be used daily. Every capsule contains 180 milligrams of Reishi extract and 180 milligrams of Lion's Mane extract, it also contains 20 milligrams of Acerola extract to give you a much-needed Vitamin C boost. The capsules are suitable for people who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The capsules will be sent in a bag that can be easily stored upright. Are you curious about our other relaxing products? Then take a look at our smartshop!

Why would you choose the Chill Mix Mushrooms Extract Capsules 60 caps?

Mushrooms have been used for over 5.000 years within Tradition Chinese Medicine due to their nutritional values and their unique traits, which directly helps the human physique and mind. Pure Mushrooms combines modern technology together with ancient knowledge to make dietary supplements that are pure, biological, vegan, and based on adaptogenic mushrooms. Their main goal is to improve your inner balance. The Chill Mix capsules are concentrated and include an Acerola boost. The ingredients are all biological and the capsules themselves are free from gluten, soy, and dairy.


  • Lion’s mane extract
  • Reishi extract
  • Acerola extract
  • Biological cellulose capsules
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