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CBH - Pouch White Widow (light) Cookies


These delicious CBH - Pouch White Widow (light) Cookies are perfect as a snack or with your afternoon tea!

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CBH - Pouch White Widow (light) Cookies

These CBH - Pouch White Widow (light) Cookies have an astonishingly good combination of flavors, namely cannabis and chocolate! You do not need to worry about getting high, because these cookies do not contain any THC. That way you can still do your daily tasks without being hindered, all the while enjoying a delicious CBH - Pouch White Widow (light) Cookie. They are also infused with delicious terpene oils, giving them a nice and full flavor.

Where do CBH - Pouch White Widow (light) Cookies come from?

The White Widow strain first came into existence when a combination of the Sativa-Landras and an Indica-Hybrid were crossed. These strains came from Brazil and India. The delicious taste that came from this combination got mixed into these chocolate cookies! Do be warned: these cookies can be highly addictive. Not because they contain addictive materials, but because they do not contain addictive materials. Purely because they are just so tasty! If you are an avid enjoyer of chocolate-like products, you may want to take a look at our raw cacao!

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