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CBH – Dutch Hash Brownie

Prices are per piece: content 1 Dutch Hash Brownie from Cannabis Bakehouse
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Cannabis Bakehouse Dutch Hash Brownie Information

Fancy a brownie? This brownie makes you more creative, you can relax more and you sleep better.

The hash brownies are perfect as a snack, drink water, milk or coffee for maximum results.

Previous buyers confirm that the Dutch Hash Brownies from Cannabis Bakehouse have a good taste with the right texture.

The brownies do not contain THC, so you cannot get high from consuming the brownie.

How CBH Dutch Hash Brownies works

  • Soothing effect
  • Reducing pain
  • Anxiety Reducing

Ingredients CBH Dutch Hash Brownies

  • Dutch hash
  • brownie mix
  • eggs
  • Butter
  • vanilla

Note: Ingredients may be missing from the listed list.

More Information

More Information
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