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Research Chemicals

3-FEA Pellets 150mg


3-FEA has a mild stimulant effect

Prices are per pellet . 3-FEA consists of 98% pure substance.

56% €3.70
1011% €3.50
2525% €2.95
5037% €2.50
10044% €2.20
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Product Details


3-FEA pellets background information

3-FEA produces mild stimulant effects and consists of 98% pure substance. The RC can be compared to MDMA.

Besides 3-FEA we have several Research Chemicals and accessories. Think of scales, empty capsules in different sizes and closing bags.

3-FEA pellet operation

The possible effects of 3-FEA pellets are:

  • Stimulation and sedation. Combination of calming and stimulating effects.
  • Focus enhancement
  • Thought acceleration or thought delay
  • Empathy
  • Time distortion
  • cognitive euphoria

Hazard statements 3-FEA pellets:

  • 3-FEA can cause respiratory and eye irritation. Never discharge research chemicals into the environment.

Safety recommendations 3-FEA pellets:

IF 3-FEA comes into contact with the eyes: Rinse gently with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, removing any contact lenses. In case of skin contact: Rinse with water, if possible also with soap. By inhalation: Get fresh air and adopt a position that promotes breathing.

  • Don't expose 3-FEA to heat sources. Please keep it in a dry environment at room temperature and store it in proper packaging and keep out of reach of children. Good stability of 3-FEA under the above conditions can take up to 2 years.

Read more about the working and effects of 3-FEA on Psychonautwiki

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