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Kratom White Vein - 25 grams

Kratom White Vein helps you concentrate!

The Kratom comes in powder form in bags of 25 grams

Kratom White Vein Ratio: White 99% + Green 1%

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Kratom White Vein Information

Kratom White Vein has many benefits. All kratom is used worldwide as a herbal medicine. Its popularity has been increasing in recent years and people are starting to see the benefits of this herb more and more.

Kratom White Vein Effects

Kratom White Vein helps you to concentrate better during sports or studies, for example. Also to do the mental work better! In addition, kratom can: provide energy, put you in a state of euphoria and optimism, calm the nerves, relieve pain in the body, lower blood pressure, increase libido, reduce symptoms of depression and improve your mental capacity.

How to use Kratom White Vein

Mainly tea is made from the loose powder or leaves. Another way is to mix it with your favorite drink such as orange juice. This makes the taste less bitter. The powder and liquids should be drunk in the shortest possible time. Kratom can have a bitter taste, some varieties more bitter than others. You can add honey or sugar to make the taste less bitter.

If you can't stand the bitter taste or you don't want to bother with making tea, the Kratom capsules are ideal for you. Swallow your desired dosage and wash it down with a warm drink. This causes the capsules to dissolve faster.

Dosage Kratom White Vein

1 gram: Mild Effect
2.5 grams: Good noticeable effect
5 grams: Strong effect
10 grams: Very strong effect

Doses of 10 grams or higher can produce uncomfortable effects and can be addictive to the user. With such high doses, the side effects can also be very strong. So be careful with this!

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