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Kratom Red Malay - 25 grams

Kratom Red Malay has a talkative and interaction enhancing effect!

The Kratom comes in powder form in bags of 25 grams

Ratio Kratom Red Malay: Red 65% + White 35%

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Kratom Red Malay Effects

Kratom Red Malay has a talkative and interaction enhancing effect.

How to use Kratom Red Malay

Kratom can be drunk as a tea, mixed with your favorite drink and swallowed in capsules. Due to the bitter taste of Kratom, we recommend mixing it with a fruity juice or adding sugar/honey. Drink the kratom in as short a time as possible. Of course you can also use the capsules! Use warm water, this will make the capsules dissolve faster.

Dosage Kratom Red Malay

1 gram: Mild Effect
2.5 grams: Good noticeable effect
5 grams: Strong effect
10 grams: Very strong effect

Doses of 10 grams or higher can produce uncomfortable effects and can be addictive to the user. With such high doses, the side effects can also be very strong. So be careful with this!

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More Information


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