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Blue Mellow Erection Pills

Blue Mellow Erection Pills makes your erotic evening even more beautiful. Prices are per pack.


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Blue Mellow erection pills information

Blue Mellow will lend you a hand for an even more enjoyable evening. Do you have erection problems or do you want your erection to last longer or maybe you just want your penis to feel stronger. Blue Mellow solves it for you! take it!

Take 3 tablets once a day with sufficient water. Don't take more than 3 tablets in 24 hours. Do not exceed the daily recommended portion.

Blue Mellow erection pills ingredients

Ingredients per 3 pieces: cellulose (filling agent), 300 mg Siberian ginseng, 240 mg panax ginseng, 200 mg tribulus terrestris, 200 mg L-arganine, emulsifier: E466, anti-caking agent: E570, 50 mg damien leaf, 50 mg sarsaparilla, 50 mg ashwaganda, 22.5 mg vitamin E (DL-aplha-tocopheryl acetate) (188% RDA*), 20 mg gingkgo biloba, anti-caking agents: E572, E551, emulsifiers: E464, E463, 10 mg zinc (zinc oxide) (100% RDA*), 6 mg vitamin B (calcium D-pantothenate) (100% RDA*), 1.8 mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) (129% RDA*), 1 mg copper (copper (II) sulphate ) (100% RDA*), 30 mg selenium (selenic) (55% RDA*), glazing agent: E903, colours: E171, E133. *RDA=recommended daily amount

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