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Blue Lotus 25gr - Indian Spirit

Indian Spirit Blue Lotus 25gr
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Indian Spirit Blue Lotus information

The blue lotus flower was formerly considered to be the sacred plant. The plant was especially valued by the Egyptians for its fragrance and healing properties.

Effects Indian Spirit Blue Lotus

  • Stimulating effect
  • Relaxing effect
  • Lust-inducing effect

How to use Indian Spirit Blue Lotus

Put 5 grams in hot water. But for the traditional Egyptian drink, soak the plant in wine for several hours. Use about 5 grams per bottle. Do not use too much, Blue lotus makes the wine bitter and difficult to drink. You can also choose to vaporize the herb with a vaporizer. Use 0.25-0.5 g and evaporate at 100 °C to 125 °C degrees. The aporphine alkaloid evaporates at 125 degrees Celsius.

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