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Banisteriopsis Caapi 50g - Mister Maka

Banisteriopsis Caapi 50 grams
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Banisteriopsis Caapi Mister Maka information

Banisteriopsis Caapi is used for spiritual purposes or development. Indigenous peoples of South America in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia drink a version of this tea, all of which contain the plant Banisteriopsis Caapi. The plant is also called hoasca, natéma, kahi, mihi, dápa, pindé, yagé and nixi honi xuma.

Possible Effects of Banisteriopsis Caapic

The effects of Banisteriopsis are varied, but the ultimate goal is to achieve an altered state of mind. Banisteriopsis Caapi is often taken prior to taking other psychoactive substances. It is possible that this unique plant enhances or prolongs the effect of other psychoactive substances.

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