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Baby Woodrose - Hawaii


Baby Woodrose Hawaii comes in bags of 10 seeds

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Baby Woodrose Hawaii Information

The extra strong variant of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Hawaii will bring you an intense psychedelic experience even after taking a few seeds!

Baby Hawaiian Woodrose are seeds that can be taken to experience a trip close to LSD.


LSA expands consciousness in a way similar to other tryptamine hallucinogens. Nausea and other stomach upsets are quite common after ingesting Hawaiian baby woodrose, caused not by the LSA but by other substances in the seeds. Some users therefore choose to extract the LSA from the seeds.


Remove any remaining skins and crush the seeds as finely as possible with a knife or scissors. They can also be ground with a coffee grinder. Place the crushed seeds in a cup and pour over some hot, but not boiling, water. Let it stand for at least 1½ hours before straining. Drink the liquid first, preferably on an empty stomach, and eat the pulp half an hour later (or just throw it away).

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