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3F-PCP Crystal


Prices are per 0.5 gram

3F-PCP Crystal consists of 98% pure substance.

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3F-PCP Crystal information

3F-PCP, better known as 3-fluoro-PCP, is a relatively new research chemical. Thus, there have not been many experiments regarding this specific research chemical. Due to it belonging to the Arylcyclohexylamine group, of which you can find more here, some standard research results are to be expected. Furthermore, we investigated anecdotal reports of people who have done experiments to see what their findings were. This way you know what the results of your experiments and research could be!

Possible effects op 3F-PCP Crystal

  • Euphoria
  • Less pain
  • Altered sense of time
  • More energy
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Hallucinations


IF CONTACT OF THE CRYSTAL WITH THE EYES OCCURS: Rinse carefully with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, remove contact lenses if necessary. In case of skin contact: Rinse with water, if possible also with soap. In case of inhalation: Get fresh air and adopt a position that promotes breathing.

Do not expose the crystal to heat sources. Store it in a dry environment at room temperature and store it in a good container and keep it out of the reach of children. Good stability of the 3F-PCP crystal can take up to 2 years under the above conditions.

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