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2-METHYL-AP-237 HCl Poeder


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2-METHYL-AP-237 HCl Powder is an innovative research product designed for use in specialized laboratories and research institutions. This high-quality chemical compound is a derivative of the AP-237 class of opioids and is characterized by its powerful analgesic properties. Thanks to the hydrochloride salt, the powder is highly soluble and easy to handle for various applications.


As one of the newer members of the opioid family, 2-METHYL-AP-237 HCl Powder is becoming increasingly popular in research and development studies. Our product is produced according to strict quality standards, resulting in a purity of over 98%. This makes it suitable for use in sensitive experiments and in the development of new pharmaceutical products.


To ensure the stability and shelf life of the 2-METHYL-AP-237 HCl Powder, it is supplied in an airtight, light-resistant packaging. This protects the compound from light, air, and moisture, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the product.


Please note: 2-METHYL-AP-237 HCl Powder is intended for research purposes only and is not intended for human consumption. Make sure you are aware of the laws and regulations in your country before purchasing this product.

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