Pill Press

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    Easily make your own nutritional supplements or other tablets with our TDP 0 Desktop Tablet Press! This pleasant model to work with is lightweight, easy to move and easy to store. Make your own tablets or test a new product line today!

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      Press your own supplements or product line with the Mini Hand Tablet! The ideal tabletting machine is perfect for building your own laboratory at home and preparing samples due to its small size.

      Mini Hand Tablet press has an 8mm round stamp and is only suitable for TDP 0 stamps.

        • €2,499.95

        Always wanted to make your own tablets? Which can! With our Tableting machines you can easily press food, food supplements and animal feed blocks! The Tableting Machine is a mechanical device that compresses a powder substance into a tablet. A Tableting Machine, also called Tablet Press, is mainly used to press pharmaceutical products or industrial pellets, but can also be used to make your own supplements!

        By means of the combined pressing action of two punches and a mould, the materials are compressed into a tablet. The tablets always come in a consistent size, shape and weight. Both Tableting machines in our range can be operated manually!

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