Snus Nicotinepouches

  1. €5.95
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    White Fox Slim has an explosive nicotine content. The pouches are extra large and made of a special fleece material which ensures the perfect transfer of nicotine.
  2. €5.95
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    The White Fox Slim Peppered Mint has an explosive nicotine content with a powerful peppermint taste. Each pack contains 20 pouches with 16mg/g nicotine each.
  3. €5.50
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    Go fresh with ACE Super White Citrus. The ACE pouches are easy to use because of its super soft and slim pouches.

    Prices are per tray or 24 pouches.

  4. €5.50
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    ACE Superwhite Cool Mint are super soft nicotine pouches with a long-lasting flavor release of strong mint. These pouches are for those who want to experience a great boost from the nicotine.

    Prices are per tray, this tray contains 24 pouches.

  5. €5.50
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    Ace SuperWhite Extreme Cool has a high nicotine content and a strong peppermint taste.

    Prices are per tray with a content of 24 pouches.

  6. €3.95
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    KILLA pouches come in different flavors. Experience a delicious blueberry taste when using KILLA Blueberry 16mg. KILLA pouches is strong snus, for the experienced nicotine user.

    Prices are per tray with a content of 20 pouches.

  7. €3.95
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    With Killa COLA 16mg. you can expect a strong kick from nicotine. You will taste a delicious cola taste when using these nicotine pouches. Prices are per tray with a content of 20 pouches.

  8. €4.50
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    Pablo Ice Cold is for those who really have guts. They are nicopods with a high nicotine content. For those who are just switching from no tobacco, these pouches are certainly suitable.

    Prices are per tray with a content of 20 pouches.

  9. €3.95
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    With Killa MINT 16mg. you can expect a strong kick from nicotine. The fresh taste of mint with a small hint of menthol. An ultra strong All White snus. Killa Nicopods become...

    Prices are per tray: 20 pouches.

  10. €5.95
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    FOX Full Charge nicotine pouches are strong pouches for the experienced user. Prices are per tray of 15 pouches.

  11. €3.95
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    KILLA strong nicotine pouches. This snus has a watermelon flavor and is sold per container.
  12. €8.95
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    It is one can containing: 16mg/g nicotine and 16mg/g CBD. Prices are per can.


What is snus? Background information Snus

Snus is from Sweden and is a different way of getting nicotine. Instead of smoking, put nicotine pouches under your upper lip. The nicotine enters the blood through the blood vessels in your upper lip.

Only allowed to sell tobacco-free snus in the Netherlands. That is why Funcaps only offers tobacco-free Snus

Benefits of Snus nicotine cards

The tobacco-free snus only contains the active ingredient nicotine. With the use of our tobacco-free snus, the ex-smoker is no longer exposed to harmful substances such as smoke, carbon monoxide and tar.

Snus User Manual

Snus is used by tucking the portion under your lip. The nicotine is then absorbed and the flavors of the snus are released. At some point, the snus will wear out and then you can throw it away. Are you in a place where you can't throw your snus away? No worries; you can store elaborated snus in the bottom of the tray.

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