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    Mannitol powder is used as an anti-caking agent, natural sweetener and filler. Mannitol is mainly extracted from seaweed, but mannitol is found in several plant species. It has a sweet taste and is mainly incorporated into various foods as a sugar substitute. 

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      The vitamin-like substance Inositol powder is not entirely a vitamin, but is often counted among the vitamin B complex. The structure of Inositol powder is similar to sugar alcohol, has a white color and is easily dissolved in water. Inositol powder has several properties that contribute to the stimulation of the liver and intestine, growth and development of intestinal cells and bone marrow, and regulation of cholesterol in the bloodstream. 

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        The caffeine powder fulfills all your wishes. It stimulates strength and endurance, is three times stronger than energizers and increases concentration. The powder is easy to process when making supplements!

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