Secret Stash Pringles Originals


A product to store something that looks and feels like the Pringles Originals. Always handy to safely hide your belongings. Made as visibly genuine Pringles Originals, it helps...

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Secret Stash Pringles Originals information

A can of Pringels, no one will notice that your stash is hidden in here! A right purchase if you don't want people to know where your valuables are. Because of the hidden element, nobody sees anything....

How do you get to the hidden element? This is accessed by unscrewing the lower aluminum cover, the tab of which is still sealed. For added security, we've included a tinted, odor-resistant bag to keep the stash even more secure.

Secret Stash Pringles Originals features

Like the real Pringles cans, the Pringles canister is made from a real Pringles can. Actual dimensions may be approximately 9.8" high, 3" wide. The inside dimensions are about 5" deep. The mouth of the inner container has a diameter of approximately 1.75.


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