Opaque black ziplock bag 12 x 18 cm

  • Material: polyethylene, 60 micron
  • Color: opaque black
  • Opening inner dimensions: from 10 to 24 cm
  • Height inner dimensions: from 15 to 32 cm
  • Packed per 100 bags
  • Reinforced welds on the ends of the grip strip
  • Immediately available
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Free Shipping

Product Details


This ziplock bag is completely black and opaque, which makes it ideal for sending your products in all discretion. The content is always guaranteed to remain hidden from prying eyes, which also reduces the risk of theft. Due to the reinforced welds on the ends of the grip strip, your bag always remains very sturdy, regardless of the content or external influences. The snap closure also makes it easy to open and close the ziplock bag as often as you like.

Advantages of opaque ziplock bag

  • Is completely opaque, which guarantees the discretion of your shipment. Is very sturdy due to the reinforced welding seams.
  • Easy to open and close thanks to the snap closure.
  • Is reusable and therefore very affordable
  • Suitable for: small metal parts, hardware, toys, perfumes, laboratory samples, etc.
  • Also available in 10x15 cm


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