Miller's Juice Silverline

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Millers Juice has different flavors and nicotine levels. Content per bottle: 10 ml E-liquid
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Millers Juice Silverline Information

Are you a novice E-smoker? Then Millers is a good option. Millers Juice is known for its affordable and high quality E-liquids.

They are one of the first e-cig liquid products in the Netherlands!

Features Millers Juice Silverline

  • Ratio 70PG and 30VG
  • strong troathit
  • Different flavors available, such as: Apple, watermelon, tobacco, peach, mint, cassis, strawberry and more!
  • Available in different nicotine levels: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg

Composition Millers Juice Silverline

The main components of Millers Juice E-liquid consist of pharma quality ingredients and the flavors from food grade ingredients.


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