Empty Capsules size 3 - 100 pieces


Empty colored gelatin Capsules size 3, sterile, Packed per 100 pieces.

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Empty Colored Gelatin Capsules Size 3

Problems swallowing a powder? Prefer not to sniff? Then take a supply of empty capsules at home! The capsules are made of jelly and ensure an even solution in your stomach, so that the substances are also evenly absorbed into your body. Packed per 100 pieces and the price is per packaging unit.

Several empty capsules available

Gelatin capsules with a color are also available in other sizes

How much fits in a size 3 capsule?

How much fits in this capsule depends on the density of the substance. But roughly speaking, you can assume that a size 0 capsule fits about 200 mg.

Can liquids be placed in the empty capsules?

These capsules are not suitable for liquids. The gelatin will dissolve quickly making it a mess. We do hear from customers that they still put liquid in these capsules and then immediately put another size larger capsules on top. That way you postpone solving for a while.

what is gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein product prepared by partial hydrolysis of collagen. Collagen is a protein that occurs in connective tissues (including skin, bones and cartilage) of mainly mammals. For this reason, vegetarians and vegans often refrain from products containing gelatin.

Storage advice gelatin capsules

Store the gelatin capsules in a cool, dry place to prevent them from cracking, deforming, or swelling when exposed to moisture.
The optimum temperature for gelatin capsules is 15°-25° Celsius with a relative humidity between 35-65%. If you store them under these conditions, the shelf life on the packaging is guaranteed.

Within our range we have different sizes of capsules. In addition to this, we have other tools to carry out your research in the best possible way.


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