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Justfog 14 series 100% organic cotton Coils (5 pcs.) - 1.6Ohm

  • Packed per 5 pieces.
  • Choice of resistance : 1.2Ω / 1.6Ω
  • Nichrome filament (
  • 100% pure cotton

What is a coil?

A coil is the filament in the E-cigarette that ensures the evaporation in the E-liquid. In addition, the coil largely provides the taste experience.

  • Immediately available
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Cheapest price

Product Details


Justfog Organic Cotton Coils 14 + 16 series information

The coils of Justfrog Organic Cotton Coils are made with 100% organic Japanese cotton, which means that it has not been treated with chemical agents. These filaments ensure better absorption of the liquid and give an intense taste experience.

The filament is made of nichrome, which gives the coil a longer life. On average, the coils last 2 to 4 weeks, of course this depends on your vape use and the e-liquid.

Features Justfog Organic Cotton Coils 14 series

  • 100% pure cotton
  • Nichrome Filament
  • Choice of resistance : 1.2 Ohm / 1.6 Ohm
  • Nichrome Filament
  • Nichrome Filament

For which e-cigarettes is the Justfohg 14/16 series suitable?

The Justfog 14/16 series Organic cotton Coil is suitable for the following Justfog electric cigarettes and vaporizers:

  • Just fog C14
  • Just fog G14
  • Just fog P14
  • Justfog S14
  • Justfog Q16
  • Justfog P14A
  • Justfog P16A

The coils are available in two resistances of 1.2 Ohm and 1.6 Ohm. The 1.2 Ohm is more powerful and results in a greater vapor production, the 1.6 Ohm is more towards the traditional cigarette. The choice of coil depends on your vape needs


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