New York Diesel CBD seeds


Sativa dominant, CBD:THC, medi-weed, best quality CBD, medicinal

CBD seeds with a 2:1 ratio of THC and CBD. CBD Diesel contains 10% THC and 5% CBD.

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New York Diesel CBD seeds

Growing CBD weed? Then make your own CBD oil for medicinal use? Then the Diesel CBD seeds are the right choice. The THC/CBD ratio in this strain is 2:1. This means that for every 2% THC, there is 1% CBD in the buds. Because this strain is slightly stronger in THC, it is also suitable for the recreational user or the medicinal user who likes a milder high.

Growing New York Diesel CBD Seeds

The plants have strong thick trunks that can easily bear thick buds. The strain does have a slight tendency to stretch, and has an open structure thanks to her sativa genetics. The Diesel CBD has a fairly fast flowering and will be ready for harvest in about 9 to 10 weeks. A good medicinal and recreational cannabis strain with a nice high, but mild effect. Due to the higher THC content, CBD Diesel does make you stoned, but the high is not completely neutralized. With the 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD you will experience a much lighter high, the Diesel will give you just that little bit of extra effect.

New York Diesel CBD seeds outdoor

Due to its Sativa genes, the Diesel will grow into an average high cannabis plant. This will also allow her to produce many more tops than others. Give the Diesel plenty of space and also put her in a large pot or preferably in the ground, she will then grow into a big tree full of resinous buds that contain a good portion of CBD and THC.

Medical and effect New York Diesel CBD seeds

The NY Diesel knows what to do for depression, anxiety and stress. Because its effect is very invigorating (energetic) you will feel like doing things. In addition, the effect is euphoric and it will stimulate your creativity, you feel like going into the day and you will not want to sit at home on the couch.

depression 10 energetic 10
Fear 8 creative 8
Nausea 6 euphoric 8
Appetite 6 Focus 2
pain 2 Paranoid 2

Taste and smell New York Diesel CBD seeds

The taste varies but is best described as a sweet citrus taste with a mild hint of conifers, combined with an unmistakable Diesel taste. The smell of this strain refers to the name, you can detect a diesel-like smell, luckily the taste does not match the smell

Diesel CBD seeds in numbers

sex ♀ Feminized
THC high
CBD low
Genetics 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
dominance Sativa dominant
Flowering period 9-10 weeks
Height inside 90-150 cm
Height outside 120 - 180 cm
Yield in 450 - 550 gsm/m²
Yield outside 500 - 650 grams/m²
Mold resistance high
Breeding level Advanced
Effect Energy, euphoric, happy, relax, uplifting
Medicinal effect Stress, depression, pain
Sea of Green yes


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