White Widow CBD seeds


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CBD seeds with a 2:1 ratio of THC and CBD. CBD White Widow contains 12-14% THC and 7% CBD.

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White Widow CBD Seeds Information

The White Widow CBD seeds are a hybrid strain (50% Sativa / 50% Indica) and thus have the best of both sides. By crossing the White Widow with a CBD strain, this has ensured that this strain will produce the highest possible CBD content (7%). The high CBD content will soften the effect of the high, it will be a lot milder, especially for medicinal use, a heavy physical or mental high is not desired. They want to take advantage of the medical aspects and be chained to the couch. If you would like to grow your own medicinal weed, the White W. CBD is an excellent choice.

Growing White Widow CBD seeds

The White W. CBD is ready for harvest within 9 to 10 weeks. The cannabis plant will have a more indica appearance in the vegetative phase, while the high of the plant consists more of a sativa effect. Short leaves and an average height of 100 cm when grown indoors. A SOG setup can provide a high yield of up to 500 grams/m2. Due to her high fungal resistance, she is also a cannabis plant that can easily be grown outdoors. Outdoors she can reach a height of 150 cm, but there are outliers that grow into a large tree of 250 cm, if this is too high, you can always choose to bend the plant. Unlike other varieties, the White Widow CBD can withstand heat well in a Spanish climate, so it will grow into a beautiful tree with buds dripping with THC-rich resin.

Making your own CBD oil

After your plant is ready for harvest, it can be used to make CBD oil, so you can consume much more CBDs than you choose to smoke the cannabis. So if you want to make oil, this cannabis plant is suitable for that.

Medical and effect

You will be able to perceive your surroundings better, sounds and certain patterns that normally pass you by will suddenly catch your eye. Many users also describe the effect as a direct boost of your mood, you will feel happy. In addition, you will quickly notice an energetic boost and focus that makes chores like cleaning enjoyable, but it will also stimulate your brain. The complex problem-solving capacity of your brain will be stimulated, allowing you to think and focus better.

A fairly mild high will be brought about with an effect mainly on the mind and slightly less on the body. You will get an energetic boost this will help with fatigue and depression, some report experiencing relief from migraines. In contrast to the normal White Widow, one will not experience any paranoid effects with normal use.

pain 10 euphoric 10
Fear 8 creative 6
depression 6 relax 4
Nausea 2 energetic 4
Appetite 2 Dry mouth 2
Taste and smell White Wido CBD seeds

When the White Widow CBD seeds are properly grown, the tips over the dolven will have long-strengthened trichomes creating a white-grey layer of crystals. The smell is pungent and ammonia-like, undertones of pine can also be noticed. When you break a top you can smell a more hash-like/incense-like smell. When you inhale you can taste an earthy taste that reminds you of the real old school weed. When the weed is burned, an extra strong weed smell will be released, this is something to keep in mind.

The White Widow CBD seeds in numbers

sex ♀ Feminized CBD
THC high
CBD low
Genetics 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
dominance Hybrid
Flowering period 9 weeks
Height inside 60-100 cm
Height outside 80 - 140 cm
Yield in 400 - 500 gsm/m²
Yield outside 450 - 550 gsm/m²
Mold resistance high
Breeding level easy
Effect Happy, relax, euphoric
Medicinal effect Stress, pain, depression
Sea of Green yes


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