Big Cheese Autoflower Seeds


Hybrid, autoflower, huge yield, outdoor

The improved cheese autoflower variant; Big Cheese autoflower seeds. This autoflower is a little longer than usual, but makes up for it by producing a lot more buds and yielding up to 30% more yield!

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Big Cheese Autoflower Seeds Information

The Big Cheese Autoflower is a so-called Big Autoflower. A cannabis plant that flowers by itself and is ready to be harvested after about 12 weeks (8-9 weeks of flowering), but does not remain small, like some previous generations of autoflowers do. And that makes Big Autoflowers ideal for people who want more yield, but still want the convenience of an autoflower.

Growing the Big Cheese autoflower seeds

It is fair to say that these plants are slightly more difficult to grow outdoors than indoors due to a lower mold resistance. The final plant height of super autoflowers like this one is about 70-120 centimeters. They will therefore not grow into meter high monster plants, but they do have such a size that you can certainly get about 50-75 grams of weed from them under good conditions. Try to avoid humid environments and you will have virtually no problems with bud rot or mould. Put your hair in the ground or a large pot she will have even more bud formation than average.

Smell and taste The Big Cheese autoflower seeds

The weed can best be 'cured' for another week or two after drying to get the typical pungent Cheese smell. This cheesy scent can also be tasted along with multiple floral aromas

Medicinal and effect The Big Cheese autoflower seeds

The effect is fairly strong psychedelic that quickly turns into a narcotic 'body-stone'. The combination of relaxation and euphoria is what makes the Cheese special, few strains offer both effects. Your pain will be numbered and your thoughts soothed. Silence the thought has a positive effect on anxiety and depression. One of the biggest strengths of the Big Cheese Autoflower is that it will stimulate the appetite even more than the average weed. This property can offer a solution for many in rehabilitation and eating disorders.

pain 10 relax 10
Fear 8 euphoric 8
Appetite 8 sedated 6
depression 6 dry eyes 4
Nausea 4 Dry mouth 4

The Big Cheese autoflower seeds in numbers
sex ♀ Feminized autoflower
THC high
CBD low
Genetics 40% Indica / 40% Sativa / 20% Ruderalis
dominance Hybrid
Flowering period 8-9 weeks
Height inside 60-90 cm
Height outside 80 - 130 cm
Yield in 500 - 600 gsm/m²
Yield outside 550 - 650 grams/m²
Mold resistance average
Breeding level easy
Effect Relax, happy, euphoric, sleepy, hungry
Medicinal effect Pain, stress, insomnia
Sea of Green yes


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