Big Haze Autoflower Seeds


Sativa, known worldwide, THC bomb, outdoor growing, great yields

Haze XXL Autoflower flowers after 11-12 weeks from germination with a yield that can reach over 200 grams in our region. In southern countries yields of 300-400 grams are possible. It is therefore not surprising that she has been crowned Spanish favourite.

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Big Haze autoflower seeds information

Big Haze Autoflower is a feminized and autoflowering Haze hybrid from Hy Seeds. She's about 70 percent sativa, a little indica, and 20 percent ruderalis. The Big Haze Autoflower can reach a pleasant size of 75 to 150 centimeters. The size of the plants does depend on the pot you put it in. The more space the better it will come into its own. She can absorb a whole mountain of solar energy and this is also reflected in her yield.

Growing Big Haze autoflower seeds

If you put the Big Haze Autoflower in the ground in a place where she can enjoy the sun quietly, she will most likely reach her maximum height of 150 centimeters. If you prefer to keep her smaller, for example inside a compact grow tent, that's also possible. Simply by putting her in a pot. In a 12 liter pot she will reach about 60 centimeters. It is therefore up to you to choose how and when you grow this Haze. In contrast to the normal autoflower, this big variety is able to generate up to 30% more yield. The mold resistance of this Haze is high and will also require less maintenance outdoors. In addition, thanks to its short cycle, this strain does not suffer from bud rot that quickly. She does produce slightly more leaves than a regular Haze, but that is a ruderalis trait that you see in almost all autoflowering cannabis strains.

Taste and smell Big Haze autoflower seeds

Like almost all Haze strains, this autoflower variety has a sweet exotic taste. The smell is penetrating and strong, a cannabis enthusiast will love this, but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. It is therefore advisable to take possible odor nuisance into account.

Medicinal and effect Big Haze autoflower seeds

The THC level is high and this Haze gives you a powerful energetic effect with a mild physical effect. In addition, a floating euphoria that is experienced as pleasant by many. Its effect is mainly aimed at the brain and one will therefore be able to experience a nice euphoria. This has a positive effect on pain and depression. In addition, she is also a strong painkiller that also makes her suitable for chronic variants of pain. The haze will make your mind wander, but a lot less than the Big Amnesia Haze seeds . You stay just a little more clear so you will be less forgetful.

pain 10 euphoric 10
depression 6 creative 8
Fear 6 energetic 6
Appetite 4 Focus 2
Nausea 2 relax 2

The Big Haze autoflower seeds in numbers
sex ♀ Feminized autoflower
THC high
CBD low
Genetics 70% Sativa / 10% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
dominance sativa
Flowering period 9-10 weeks
Height inside 60-90 cm
Height outside 75 - 150 cm
Yield in 400 - 550 gsm/m²
Yield outside 450 - 600 gsm/m²
Mold resistance high
Breeding level easy
Effect Happy, euphoric, uplifting
Medicinal effect Hunger, depression, stress
Sea of Green yes


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