Big Amnesia Autoflower Seeds


Sativa, super autoflower, high in THC, stunner, popular, outdoor favorite

Big Amnesia Haze Autoflower seeds are good for 150 grams or more in large pots (50 litres), provided there is sufficient sunlight, of course. Sativa dominant with a delicious scent. Order these cheap autoflower seeds now!

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Big Amnesia Autoflower Seeds Information

The latest developments in cannabis crossings have made this big autoflower grow bigger, produce more THC and produce even more buds. The current autoflowers remain quite small & produce less THC. This big variant is therefore a revolutionary development within the cannabis seed market. This is also reflected in the popularity of this strain, it is Hy-seeds best-selling autoflower. You can consider this big variant as the Amnesia autoflower 2.0 , so an improved version!

Growing Big Amnesia autoflower seeds

This strain is sativa dominant (60%) and also contains 20% indica and 20% ruderalis genetics. This autoflower has a short flowering period between 6 to 8 weeks. Indoors she will reach a height of 80-100 cm and outdoors 75 to 150 cm. Indoors, you can expect a yield of between 400 and 550 grams per m2, which is slightly higher outdoors; 450 - 600 grams per m2. The Big Amnesia has a low mold resistance, so be vigilant for moist environments. The Big Amnesia Autoflower grows best when it has enough space. Give this plant a nice big pot and you will see that the days when autoflowers were still small mini plants are gone for good. The result is a strongly fragrant plant that, partly due to its speed, is virtually unaffected by bud rot or other fungi. At the end of the summer, many outdoor growers often have to deal with this.

Developing the typical Amnesia scent

Grow these cannabis seeds with a lower EC to make the most of the typical Amnesia smell and taste.

Taste & Smell Big Amnesia autoflower seeds

A very present sour citrus scent that is perceived as strong and penetrating. The weed has a strong taste and aroma that can be described as a sweet citrus taste with sharp undertones.

Medicinal and effect Big Amnesia autoflower seeds

A mental high capable of floating you in the universe. The strength of these autoflower haze seeds is that they contain genetics to produce so much THC that it can be experienced as psychedelic. If you consume little of this cannabis, you will be able to do your daily tasks in a nice and chilled way.

Medicinally, this haze strain would be perfect for combating depression and anxiety. Amnesia gives your brain a chance to think about nothing for a while and makes your mind float. In case of depression, one has a moment of rest to think about nothing for a while, if you suffer from anxiety, this feeling will also be greatly reduced. Amnesia cannabis also appears to benefit from ADHD. This weed will allow you to relax and find calm. This will allow your quick thoughts to be regulated and you will be able to focus better on daily tasks. In general, the creative high is considered more appropriate when you need to be active throughout the day, so you won't become lethargic or want to avoid strenuous efforts. An excellent balance between feeling relaxed and energetic.

depression 10 euphoric 10
Fear 8 energetic 8
pain 6 Focus 6
Appetite 4 Creativity 6
Nausea 4 happy 6
Big Amnesia autoflower properties
sex ♀ Feminized autoflower
bloom 8 weeks
Genetics 60% Sativa / 20% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
dominance Sativa dominant
Height indoor 80 - 100 cm
Height outdoor 75 - 150 cm
Yield in 400-550 gsm/m²
Yield outside 450-600 gsm/m²
Mold resistance high
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Happy, uplifting, energetic, social
Medicinal positive effect Stress, Depression, Hungry, Pain
Sea of Green fit


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