Northern Light x Big Bud autoflower seeds


Indica, fast buoy, outdoor grow, outdoor, high yielder, sleeping weed

Together with AK-47 and Northern Light one of the most productive autoflower cannabis seeds in our range. Combined with the short cycle, 9 weeks from germination ready for harvest, large harvest and resistance to lower night temperatures, these are the ideal cannabis seeds for our climate.

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Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower Seeds Information

Crossing Big Bud (Skunk x Critical) with Northern Light has created a strain that produces gigantic plants by autoflowering standards. In particular, the duration of the cycle has been shortened slightly. The result will remain the same, but you will be able to harvest a little earlier and that is a nice bonus. Did you also know that this strain is perfect for sleeping weed?

Grow Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower Seeds

This strain is a pure indica and will therefore produce one whopping main bud. If you place her outdoors in a large pot or in the ground under a bright sun, she can yield 150-200 grams per plant! Her mold resistance is average so some vigilance for vapor spots is wise to prevent bud rot. However, she performs fantastically in the Dutch climate! For an autoflower she grows bigger than usual in: 80 - 120 cm and outside between 110 and 160 cm. She will flower automatically in both situations so make sure she stays in the light for as many hours as possible if you want to rake in a big fat harvest. She is ready from seed to harvest in 9 weeks.

Medical & Effect Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower Seeds

A cannabis strain with knock-out power, it is therefore advisable for people who are sensitive to THC to adjust their dosage accordingly. The effect is suitable to numb the body and put you in a calm state mentally. You can expect a couch-lock from her, so she is perfectly suited for a cozy evening on the couch. Medically it benefits from inflammation, (chronic) pain and conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The effect can be quite narcotic and can put you into a deep sleep, making insomnics swear by the power of this strain. You may still be a bit disoriented the next morning, so it is advisable to only consume her during activities where no focus is required from you, such as watching TV or listening to music.

insomnia 10 Drowsy 10
Fear 10 relax 8
pain 8 sedated 8
depression 6 euphoric 6
Appetite 6 dry eyes 4
Fragrance and Flavor Northern Light x Big Bud autoflower seeds

The smell is penetrating and strong, the smell can be described as gratitude and earth, in addition there are undertones of fruit to be observed. You can taste these undertones and can be recognized as a grape-like taste. For an indica she has a smooth smoke and you will be able to taste a sweet taste.

Northern Light x Big Bud autoflower properties

sex ♀ Feminized autoflower
bloom 9 weeks
Genetics 80% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
THC high
Height indoor 80 - 120 cm
Height outdoor 110 - 1600 cm
Yield in 400 - 500 grams/m2
Yield outside 450 - 550 grams/m2
Mold resistance average
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Relax, happy, euphoric
Medicinal Stress, pain, insomnia
Sea of Green fit


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