Zkittelz seeds


These Zkittelz seeds are sweet, colorful BUT for the advanced grower!

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Zkittelz seeds information

A more colorful cannabis strain that has become extremely popular in the United States in no time. In addition to its rainbow colors, it has a very sweet taste and one can taste all kinds of fruits when consuming the Zkittlez. Some even state that this really has a candy-like taste. When one thinks of colors & sweets, one thinks of: Skittels, that's where the name comes from!

Growing Zkittelz seeds

Zkittelz seeds is for the advanced! The production of colors can be stimulated by lowering the temperature in the vegetative phase. In addition, one has to be lucky with the phenotype, not every zkittlez will be able to become this colorful. She has a fairly high yield, but makes up for this with her unique taste experience. She has a flowering period ranging from 8 to 10 weeks, her yield indoors is up to 500 grams/m2 and outdoors just a little higher up to 550 grams/m2. Due to her high fungal resistance she can be grown outdoors very well, in the open ground she can yield up to 100 grams per plant.

Zkittelz properties

sex ♀ Feminized
bloom 8-9 weeks
Genetics 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC high
Height indoor 80 - 120 cm
Height outdoor 100 - 140 cm
Yield in 450 - 500 grams/m2
Yield outside 500 - 550 grams/m2
Mold resistance high
Grow Difficulty Advanced
Effect Happy, energetic, relaxed
Medicinal Stress, depression, pain
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