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Sativa dominant, highest strain in THC, THC Bomb, heaps of crystals, shoots you into space

Bruce Banner a real THC bomb. The THC production of this strain is shockingly high, so high that few strains can top it. A seasoned smoker may be in for some surprises with this stunner. Powerhouse Bruce will be ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks.

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Bruce Banner Seed Information

Possibly the strongest strain in the world! The time has come: the highly anticipated release of one of the most legendary strains ever created; the famous Bruce Banner #3. The story behind Bruce goes back to the days of cartoon characters. Bruce Banner was the man who could turn into the green monster and that is exactly what this plant symbolizes! A huge whopper of a plant drenched in sticky THC-rich trichomes. She is a cross between the Original OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel. This crossing provides the ultimate taste experience and is therefore a favorite among recreational users.

Bruce Banner seeds outdoor grow

Like any plant, the Bruce can be grown indoors. Due to her, mainly sativa genetics, she will grow into a huge plant especially outdoors. Yields of 500-600 gram/m2 are therefore achievable, this high yield makes this cannabis strain an excellent cannabis producer. Because of her medium mold resistance she can take a beating, it is advisable to read this plant carefully, a little more drought will give her just a boost in the production of heavy buds.

Bruce Banner seeds & THC

This strain is an extreme THC stunner, one can expect THC percentages ranging from 25% to as much as 30%. Together with the Gorilla Glue, this strain is the strongest strain in the Hy-seeds range.

Bruce Banner weed price in the coffee shop

Coffee shop goers are literally queuing for this weed. It is therefore not surprising that the price of weed in the shop for the Bruce Banner reaches over EUR 30 for a single gram. What this means is that the weed is extremely popular among weed smokers!

medical &; Effect Bruce Banner Seeds

The effect of the Bruce Banner #3 comes out quickly and powerfully. The first feeling will be more of a body stone that flows smoothly into a creative euphoria. This will partly cancel the stoned feeling so that a balance is created between euphoria and stone. However, it is certain that the Bruce will provide you with a very relaxed body high, which gives a real pain-killer effect. Pain will be suppressed, this can offer a solution for many medical users. People indicate that they benefit from the following aids: anxiety, stress, ADHD, bipolarity, migraine and arthritis. A short alert: Because this strain can reach extremely high THC levels, it is important to take it easy with this powerhouse. Even a very experienced smoker can take a knockout blow from the overwhelming power of the Bruce Banner #3.

Medical & Effect Rating Bruce Banner Seeds
pain 10 euphoric 10
Fear 8 relax 8
depression 6 creative 6
Nausea 2 dry eyes 2
Appetite 2 Paranoid 2
Taste & Smell Bruce Banner seeds

You can taste the taste of berries with a unique diesel aroma with earthy notes emanating from Kush. The smell is pungent and citrusy, the funny thing is that the smell and the taste are quite different, the smell is sweeter than the taste.

The Bruce Banner seeds in numbers


♀ Feminized


Very high




60% Sativa / 40% Indica


Sativa dominant

Flowering period

9-10 weeks

Height inside

90-150 cm

Height outside

150 - 220 cm

Yield in

500 - 600 gsm/m²

Yield outside

550 - 650 grams/m²

Mold resistance


Breeding level



Euphoric, happy, relaxed

Medicinal effect

Stress, depression, pain

Sea of Green





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