Critical 47 seeds


Hybrid, high yielder, high in THC, sea of green, indoor, outdoor

Top cannabis seeds with incredible qualities. This plant combines the high yield and fast flowering (8 weeks) of Critical with the resistance to mould, bud rot and insect pests of AK-47. Buy these cannabis seeds? You can order them right now!

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Critical 47 seeds information

A banging yield in a short time? Then the C-47 cannabis seeds are a logical choice. This F1 hybrid consists of Critical (Skunk x Big Bud) and the potent AK 47. These two strains both perform well above average, by crossing them a super strain has been created that provides a very heavy yield in all conditions. Together with the HS Power Plant, these seeds are a commercial grower's dream!

Cultivating Critical 47

This plant has enormous potential and is very suitable for the 12-12 system and the Sea of Green growing method. For both the experienced and inexperienced grower, these cannabis seeds are the shortest way to enormous yields. She has a pungent scent and her buds are rich in resin. The genes of the AK-47 that are hidden in these cannabis seeds have ensured that she is extremely resistant to fungi and bud rot will therefore not occur quickly. She can therefore perform just a little better in the more humid environments. Growing your hair indoors it is even possible that her stems collapse under the weight of the buds, so it is useful to stretch a carrying net so that she stays upright.

Her ancestors, the Critical Mass and the AK 47, perform extremely well in warm climates and are therefore the most widely cultivated cannabis plants in Spain, for example. This makes the Critical 47 heat resistant and highly resistant to a hot long summer sun, she continues to grow where other strains topple from thirst and drought.

Medical & Effect Critical 47 seeds

For medicinal purposes, the Critical 47 has an extensive list that it can help you with. This strain is great for suppressing chronic stress, pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. The indica genes have a calming property and will make you relax and numb your body. However, the sativa genetics will produce tingles and make you feel giggly. You will be able to enjoy a moment of rest; muscle pain, painful bones and cutting tendons will feel nice and supple again. It is also reported to benefit from nausea, headaches and cramps. For novice smokers, take it easy, this strain will try to sneak up on you and cause the high to hit too hard.

Medical and effect in numbers
stress 10 relax 10
pain 8 Drowsy 8
Nausea 6 happy 6
depression 4 euphoric 4
insomnia 2 sedated 2

Fragrance & Flavor Critical 47 seeds

A refreshing sweet fruity citrus peach and mango flavor with vanilla and skunky undertones. The smell is not too pungent and quite mellow, this cannabis smell will not immediately pop into your nasal passages with a sharp smell, but something more pleasant. A nice sweet that's not overpowering.

Critical 47 cannabis seeds in numbers

sex ♀ Feminized
THC high
CBD low
Genetics 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
dominance Hybrid
Flowering period 8-9 weeks
Height inside 80-120 cm
Height outside 100 - 160 cm
Yield in 500 - 600 gsm/m²
Yield outside 550 - 650 grams/m²
Mold resistance high
Breeding level easy
Effect Euphoric, giggly, happy, relax, talk
Medicinal effect Depression, stress, insomnia
Sea of Green yes


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