Gorilla Glue seeds


Hybrid, fast bloomer, high yielding, high in thc, outdoor, indoor, sea of green, thc bomb, easy to grow

Resin that sticks so much that it resembles glue. Gorilla Glue, a well-known strain from America that balances pleasant euphoria and a hard stone. It is therefore not for nothing that this strain is an enthusiast among medicinal users. A fast lady with a flowering time of 8 weeks.

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Gorilla Glue Seeds Information

A promising and popular hybrid strain that was only available in America until recently. The name doesn't just come out of the blue, the name "Glue" refers to the insanely sticky resin this whopper produces. This cannabis strain is a cross between Apepower x HealthMonkey x MonkeyWeed. This strain is different from others and is therefore the number 1 recommended to try.

Growing Gorilla Glue

This species will reach a medium to high length, if grown indoors it will reach a height of 90 - 160 cm and a bit larger outside; 130-170 cm. The nice thing about this strain is that it has a high mold resistance and is therefore suitable for outdoor cultivation. A bright sun, lots of space and a large tub will make her produce mountains of buds where the resin literally drips from. She is suitable for both SOG and SCROG, just pay attention with a SOG set-up that it is better to place her in larger pots or at least give it a lot of space, if you do this right she is capable of 600gram/m2 dry-to-deliver weed. The buds of the G. Glue are green with amber hairs and soaked in a generous layer of trichrome rich resin, in short a real coffeeshop quality!

Medical and Effect Gorilla Glue Seeds

This strain is capable of producing very high levels of THC, which is useful for medicinal users who sometimes need to consume tens of grams per day. You simply have more active substances with this strain than with an average weed. Because the THC level is so shockingly high in this strain, it has a knockout effect if you don't consume too much of it. Consume your hair in the evening you would sleep like a baby, but if you stay awake you will not notice any pain or depressive thoughts. A powerful body stone but at the same time a nice euphoria. The Gorilla Glue brings the perfect balance between the euphoric and stoned feeling.

insomnia 10 relax 10
depression 8 sleep 8
Fear 6 sedated 8
pain 2 euphoric 6
Nausea 2 Dry mouth 2
Taste and Smell Gorilla Glue seeds

A very strong scent that can be described as a mix of coffee and chocolate with diesel-like undertones. Some describe this cannabis strain a bit more simply: a mix of sweetness and an earthy smell. The taste matches the smell, sweet and earthy tones can be tasted.

Gorilla Glue seeds in numbers

sex ♀ Feminized
bloom 8 weeks
Genetics 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Height indoor 90 - 160 cm
Height outdoor 130 - 170 cm
Yield in 500 - 600 grams/m2
Yield outside 550 - 650 grams/m2
Mold resistance Very high
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Relax, euphoric, happy, sleepy
Medicinal Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, spasm
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