Cheese seeds


Hybrid, high yielding, cheesy, fast bloomer, popular

This strain has been a legend in England for years and is now also a favorite in Dutch coffee shops. These cannabis seeds provide a product with a high yield and a very characteristic smell. Flowering lasts 8 to 9 weeks. The effect is mild and pleasant.

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Cheese seeds information

Cheese can be classified in the commercial class along with the: Big Bud, AK-47, Powerplant and Critical+. All these mentioned varieties are good yielders with a relatively short flowering time and excellent compact bud formation. Cheese is loved for its milder taste, medium effect and pleasant feel.

Cheese cannabis seeds are originated from a unique phenotype of Skunk #1, marketed by Sensi Seeds. Because of the 'cheesy' smell of this lady, the name Cheese was soon a fact. Cheese seeds are especially popular in England, where they are even used as a benchmark to judge the quality of other types of weed. For a long time this strain was only available in cuttings, but now that they are available in cannabis seeds, everyone can grow this beautiful cannabis plant and experience a delicious cheese-like weed. Not surprisingly, she has won multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup!

Growing Cheese Weed

The Cheese is a true hybrid and has an average mold resistance. This makes it possible to grow the Cheese indoors and outdoors. If you want her to become a whopper of a plant, put her in a place with a lot of light, in the ground and give her a lot of space. She is able to reach a height of up to 150 cm and she will grow into a large tree on which many tops will grow.

Cheese seed yield

The Cheese cannabis seeds are capable of yielding a substantial harvest, depending on the skills of the grower, she is able to produce a yield of 400-600 grams/m2 indoors, outdoors this can even go up to 650 grams/m2.

Medical and effect Cheese seeds

The Cheeese strain is a hybrid strain and this is reflected in the effect. This strain has the mood-boosting properties of the sativa for which it is suitable as a remedy for stress and anxiety. In addition, she has a powerful physical indica effect that numbs chronic pain. Because the weed has a "hit hard and fast" effect, it is also recognized as a pleasant sleeping weed.

pain 10 relax 10
Appetite 8 euphoric 8
Fear 8 sedated 6
depression 6 dry eyes 4
Nausea 4 Dry mouth 4
Taste and smell Cheese seeds

The weed tastes like it smells, so a strong cheddar-like cheese smell can also be tasted on the tongue.

The Cheese seeds in numbers
sex ♀ Feminized
bloom 8 weeks
Genetics 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
dominance Hybrid
Height indoor 70-120 cm
Height outdoor 90-160 cm
Yield in 400-600 gsm/m²
Yield outside 450-650 gsm/m²
Mold resistance average
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Relax, happy, euphoric
Medicinal positive effect Pain, stress, insomnia, depression
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