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Pure indica, sweet weed, high in thc, popular, compact, coffee shop favourite

If you're looking for a typical indica, the Bubble is a good choice. Its sweet smell and taste has won many hearts of coffee shop visitors. A short flowering time, hard compact buds, a delicious sweet smell and buds that are dosed with THC, that's a must
be the bubblegum.

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Bubblegum cannabis seeds

The bubblegum, a medium-sized compact plant that produces crystal-covered buds. The cannabis strain is originally from Indiana (America). Subsequently, the genetics came over through New England and finally in the Netherlands. It took a long time before a stable variant of this cannabis plant has developed. However, she is now 100% stable and makes a fantastic impression with her ant sweet taste and smell, you must have grown her at least once in your life.

Growing bubblegum weed

A cannabis plant of small size, but performs extremely well when considering the yield of this little companion. The buds even get so big and heavy that they will need support. This prevents her from collapsing under her own weight. You can see this as a luxury problem, big buds is what makes everyone happy, right? She is indica dominant so will create one huge main bud surrounded by side branches that will carry the slightly small buds. However, the resin production of hair is immense and will feel sticky. Do you want to give the production of THC crystals a huge boost? Put her out in the cold for the last few days and she will take on a very frosty appearance.

Bubblegum cannabis seeds outside

The bubblegum cannabis plant is suitable for outdoor cultivation. It has a high mold resistance and likes a long warm dry summer. These bubblegum cannabis seeds are capable of yielding up to 600 grams/m2 in the open ground. If you look at the yield per outdoor plant, this will fluctuate between 50-100 grams. The cannabis plant remains compact and small and will therefore be less noticeable in the open air.

Bubblegum weed price & coffee shops

The end product of this plant is extremely popular in Dutch coffee shops. Due to the delicious sweet taste and strong high, people are also willing to pay a lot of money for the Bubblegum weed. In many coffee shops, the price of weed can be as high as 25.00 EUR per gram, which makes it more expensive than average and reflects its attractiveness.

Taste and smell

A real sugary weed! As you might expect, the bubblegum has a very sweet scent, which will remind you of that 'thick pink bubblegum'. The taste corresponds to the smell of the weed, wonderfully sweet and some even claim to be able to taste the real pink bubblegum taste.

Medical and effect Bubblegum cannabis seeds

This cannabis strain is most commonly used by people who suffer from: stress, anxiety or mood-related disorders. It is stated that the effect of the weed allows them to find the necessary rest. The Bubblegum contains only indica genes, this makes her suitable as a sleeping weed and due to her strong physical effect she will relieve pain. It also helps with eating disorders such as anorexia and soothes the stomach, which helps with vomiting and (chronic) nausea. This cannabis strain takes euphoria and relaxation to a new level, perfect for an evening of chilling out.

depression 10 euphoric 10
Fear 8 relax 6
pain 6 creative 4
insomnia 4 dry mouth 2
Nausea 2 Drowsy 2
The bubblegum cannabis seeds in numbers
sex ♀ Feminized
bloom 8-9 weeks
Genetics 100% Indica
dominance Indica dominant
Height indoor 50-80 cm
Height outdoor 60-90 cm
Yield in 500-600 gsm/m²
Yield outside 550-650 gsm/m²
Mold resistance high
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Happy, relax, euphoric, uplifting, creative
Medicinal positive effect Depression, stress, pain, insomnia, appetite
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