Northern Light x White Widow seeds


Indica, fast bloomer, sea of green, indoor, outdoor

The favorite cannabis seeds of our large consumers; due to its short flowering period and high yield. The Northern Light is known for its high humidity tolerance and by crossing it with White Widow, the Northern Light x White Widow has become a cannabis plant with a banging yield. In addition, bud rot and insect pests don't stand a chance against her fungus-resistant genetics.

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Northern Light x White Widow

A legendary strain that has undergone genetic development for decades, making it a super strain. Over the years it has been given several names, namely: Great White Shark, Super Skunk and NLX. This cannabis strain is versatile and easy to grow, in addition, she produces a high yield in a short period without having to worry about much. It is inevitable that you will end up with a mountain of beautiful THC-rich weed if you give her some water and love every now and then.

Growing Northern Light x White Widow

In general, she is preferred to be grown in a Sea of Green set-up. The NLX remains compact, which means that many seeds can be seen in a small area without creating a large jungle. When you grow her indoors she will not grow to a height of 50 - 80 cm. Outdoors, on the other hand, heights of 100 - 160 cm can be seen much earlier. Because this strain consists of half White Widow, it requires little attention and has a very high resistance to fungi and diseases. A very beginner-friendly strain with a high yield (up to 550 grams/m2).

Medical and effect Northern Light x White Widow

This strain is known for the "one-hitter quitter" phenomenon. This means that people often give up after a few hits because the effect is fast-acting. You can experience a fairly powerful body stone and you will quickly enter a euphoric state. Because it leaves a stoned feeling in the body, it is recommended to consume it especially on your lazy day. The NLxWW has quite a list that it benefits from medicinally, so it can help with; stress, appetite, fatigue, ADD, ADHD and PTSD. It will boost your energy levels and provide you with a warm and calm feeling.

pain 10 relax 10
depression 6 euphoric 8
Nausea 6 creative 8
Appetite 6 Dry mouth 4
Fear 4 dry eyes 2
Fragrance and taste Northern Light x White Widow

The scent is sweet with earthy and citrus undertones. It is mild-tropical in smell and taste. The aroma it gives off is not overwhelming or penetrating, odor control is not an issue with this plant. The smoke feels soft and is less likely to irritate the throat, it also leaves a fruity taste on the tongue.

Northern Light x White Widow in numbers

sex ♀ Feminized
bloom 8-9 weeks
Genetics 100% Indica
THC high
Height indoor 50 - 80 cm
Height outdoor 100 - 160 cm
Yield in 450 - 500 grams/m2
Yield outside 500 - 550 grams/m2
Mold resistance Very high
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Relax, happy, euphoric
Medicinal Stress, depression, pain
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