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Indica, fast bloomer, high yield, compact, sea of green, outdoor, indoor The number 1 in Spain! This crossing of Big Bud and Skunk does particularly well in a dry climate and is therefore good for a huge harvest. She is also very suitable for indoor cultivation due to her hard, compact top formation and fast cycle. Harvest ready in about 8 weeks.

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Critical Seed Information

The Critical Cannabis Seeds are very popular, she is seen as a real all-rounder and is therefore an excellent commercial strain. The plant has a high yield, remains small, has a high THC content and a short flowering period. All this makes it well suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Simply sow the critical cannabis seeds and you are assured of a mountain full of resin-rich weed. It is impressive that this strain can achieve high THC levels coupled with great bud formation. These cannabis seeds can be recommended to everyone because they simply more than fulfill all the needs of the average grower.

Growing Critical Weed

Critical cannabis seeds deliver large compact buds and great yields! This strain, a cross of Big Bud and Skunk, is especially popular in Spain and has won a number of awards there. All in all a good, uniform variety with narrow dark green leaves. When grown indoors, the Critical will grow to a height of between 50-80cm. Because this plant does not grow that high, it can use its energy much better for top formation and therefore achieves a high yield per m2, namely 500-600 grams. A drier climate will make this cannabis strain perform much better. Provide a lower humidity and sufficient ventilation to prevent top rot. These cannabis seeds perform extremely well in a SOG setup, they remain compact and require little space, ideal for the commercial grower.

Medical and Effects Critical Seeds

This cannabis strain is best kept for the evening. Its sedative effect and strong physical/mental high make it perfect for sleepy sleepers who look forward to getting a full night's sleep. It will ease your chronic pains with ease, as well as relieve your stress and anxiety. The effect will also help you with migraines, headaches, nausea and anorexia.

pain 10 creative 8
euphoric 10 depression 6
Fear 8 narcotic 6
relax 8 Nausea 2
Appetite 8 Dizziness 2
Taste and smell Critical seeds

The taste is a mix of Cola and Kush. The taste brings a balance between sweet aromas and earthy undertones. The Critical has a distinctive taste and a true cannabis connoisseur will be able to pick it out right away. The smell of the plant is mild during cultivation, the dried weed really pops with cannabis aromas and is a real treat to the nose.

Critical properties
sex ♀ Feminized
bloom 8 weeks
Genetics 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC high
Height indoor 50 - 80 cm
Height outdoor 70 - 100 cm
Yield in 500 - 600 grams/m2
Yield outside 550 - 650 grams/m2
Mold resistance average
Grow Difficulty easy
Effect Relax, happy, euphoric
Medicinal Pain, euphoric, anxiety
Sea of Green fit


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